About White Bearrug Co

At White Bearrug Co, we specialize in simplified elegance and modest sophistication. With the way we do fashion, home décor, eyewear, and more, you can expect nothing short of class from our offerings. We pride ourselves in our exceptional taste, unique insight, hip style, and tranquil vibes. Allow us to be your go-to source for timeless classics, chic looks, and fantastic information.

White Bearrug Co was established in 1996 by businessman-turned-designer and Hudson Valley native, Paul Longshore. After escaping the humdrum of the corporate world’s endless meetings, memos, and looming cubicles, Paul sought a calmer, more enjoyable lifestyle. Although he had never fully explored it prior to making this shift, Paul holds a marvelous eye for design and a plethora of creativity. When he put it all together and took a giant leap, White Bearrug Co was born. Fifteen years later, we’re still here!

Paul and his team have built something beautiful with this business – and now you can reap the rewards. We are much more than a lifestyle blog. We are a community of individuals with a desire to look sharp, live comfortably, and leave an unforgettable legacy behind us. We hope you will enjoy the simplicity that is White Bearrug Co.