Sprucing up your home is therapeutic and fun. There are thousands of ways you can DIY remodel your home with a few tools and materials. Plus, home decor is essential as it gives off positive and well-kept vibes. 

You will find numerous tutorials on ways to decorate your home with easy steps and minimum steps. Moreover, you get to learn a lot about interior decorating and designing. As a beginner, we have some ways and tips for you to follow to give your home a new look and style.

Create a Chalkboard Wall

The most creative way is to DIY decor your home is by making a chalkboard wall. It’s a creative style statement. You can paint one wall of your house. It can be a kitchen, room, entryway, or any place’s wall you think is the perfect spot. 

You can draw, write quotes, create reminder lists, to-do lists on it, or do whatever idea pops in your mind. Select a wall that’s easiest to access, where you can draw and write efficiently. Create a DIY shelf on it to keep all your utensils in.

Room Painting

We guess you saw that coming, didn’t you? Painting the room is the most cliche yet the most favorite DIY project of every DIYer. It’s a quick way to give your room a new look. Choose a room you want to paint and then choose the colors according to your theme. 

Is it a happy yellow? A passionate red? Or a mixture of different colors? That’s all for you to choose. And the best part, if you don’t like the colored room, in the end, you can always change and repaint it. 

You should buy a roller, trim brush, and some cleaning equipment. These are the necessary tools you would need. If you already have them and want to have some advanced tools, you will find the best ones on the internet. 

Restore the Look of Your Flooring

There comes a time when your house’s floorboards become excessively dirty and damaged. You may be thinking of replacing the dirty and damaged tiles. But, maybe you don’t have enough funds to consider that option. 

So, try self-adhesive vinyl flooring that falls right in your budget and is another creative alternative. The self-adhesive floorings are peel-and-stick tiles and are easy to install. There’s a wide range for you to choose from according to your taste and color theme. 

Improve Your Kitchen’s Lighting

Let’s never deny the impact of lighting in a house. It’s extremely important. Lighting has the power of setting the ambiance, feel, and mood of a room. Consider fixing, changing, or adding lighting to your kitchen. 

The kitchen is the most important and used place in the house. People dine here and spend a lot of time here. To improve the kitchen’s lighting, merely replacing the existing lighting with new and modern-looking designs. You can add under-cabinet lighting, too, to make your meal-making time easier.

Or try some other ways to make your house look like an Eden to live in. 

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