Here are the 9 signs that prove you are smart!

At one time or another we all wonder about how smart we are!

Really, how smart do you consider yourself to be? To put it another way, what is it that makes you think that someone is genius?

If a person is good at Sudoku, or wins at board games, or has high grades at University papers, does this mean they have a high IQ?

Before answering that the smarter person you know can solve complicated mathematical equations in his (or her) head, it’s best to read below the characteristics of super smart people according to scientific research. Someone can be really smart even if they don’t know the multiplication table by heart.

According to recent scientific research these are the signs that prove that you are smart, even if you didn’t realise it.

  1. You are not smoking, and well done for that!
  2. You are not constantly seeking attention and you don’t feel the need to always be at the centre of things. You are happy to stay silent in a group.
  3. You do believe that everything is somehow connected. Creativity and genius are closely related.
  4. You are a free thinker with liberal views. Nothing political here.
  5. You enjoy philosophy and you are constantly looking for answers in all the big questions. Why are we here? Where is our planet going?
  6. You are always faithful when in a relationship.
  7. You have unique and interesting hobbies. Not strange, but unrelated to your profession and inspiring enough to propel your performance. Finding inspiration in unexpected places!
  8. You enjoy taking risks and facing challenges. Nothing life threatening!
  9. You do bite your nails! It might be so much more that a bad habit. It might just as well be a demonstration of perfectionism! What about that!

You can check this out in YouTube and enjoy the video here!

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